Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tau in 8th: Initial Thoughts

After a long period of inactivity, I would like to share with you my initial thoughts on things that I find notable about the new codex. Bear in mind that not even a day has passed since the first picture-leak of the codex, hence my opinion might not hold up as we receive more information about the rules and delve more into the general gist of the 8th edition. So without further delay, here are some ideas/predictions that I find intresting in regard to their tabletop applications.

-Tau Commander
He grants you access to arguably the most impactful abillity in the current codex, namely Kauyon and Mont'ka. Frankly, there are no other ways at the moment to get re-rolls on hits in shooting (beside rerolling 1s that can be achieved through numerous ways, such as Storm of Fire and Markerlights) aswell as advance and shoot for multiple units. The fact that both these effects are communal combined with his abillity to arrive precisely (both in terms of timing and placement) via Manta Strike enhaces your overall burst damage and can provide some crucial tempo swings. When it comes to his equipment, I find 3 Cyclic Ion Blasters plus a Multi-Tracker to be the most compelling choice, if you intend to Manta Strike. Although Fusion Blasters are also very effective, the >9" restriction of Manta Strike doesn't allow you to get the most out of them when it matters the most. On the other hand, 3 Cyclic Ion Blasters grant you either 9 S7 shots or 3xD3 S7 shots that inflict D3 wounds each, while hitting on 2+ rerollable prevents you from taking any mortal wounds.

When it comes to the Stormsurge, I think that the buffs it was gifted with are quite obvious just by glimpsing at it. 20 wounds and toughness 7 are nothing to laugh at, although keep in mind that S4 weaponry wounds it on a 5+ now. It now possesses more weapon systems and is able to leave combat without any drawbacks whatsoever. Support systems also do wonders for this guy, due to its vast range of weapons. Advanced Targeting System  makes all of its weapons significantly stronger, Early Warning Override syrnergizes with its large footprint  and Shield Generator thrives on its large number of wounds. Counterfire Defence System could also be a contender in a more cc-oriented meta.That being said, it is also a tad cheaper compared to 7th edition. It can also trigger its Destroyer Missiles with ease, as it takes only 2 markerlights for them to be fired at the model's BS. The most impressive feature though, has to be its new Pulse Blastcannon. The latter has a tremendous damage output within 10" that can be employed in very sneaky ways, such as by combining Ethereal's Zephyr Grace with Mont'ka in order to close the gap between a potential target. One could argue that its Stabilising Anchors got worse compared to 7th edition, but you also have take into account the general power creep decline that all armies have been subjected to.

-Fire Warriors
While there are definately more striking options in the Tau arsenal, Fire Warriors still remain the backbone of the typical Tau army and I think that they finally got some room to shine. This has also a lot to do with the general points increase in the more appealing (in terms of damage output) options (Βroadsides, Riptides etc) along with the belief that troop choices will reclaim their fundamental role in the force organization chart. That being the case, Fire Warriors bring a lot to the table, due to a variety of armywide cumulative synergies, such as Ethereal's Storm of Fire, Pulse Accelerator Drones and Cadre Fireblade's Volley Fire, which now works as a 6" aura. The latter could be capitalized on by bringing multiple units of Fire Warriors to the table that can dish out a potent amount of fire. Furthermore, their weapon options allow them to be suited to different army settings, such as gunline or mechanized or to more supplementary roles.  They are also 1 point cheaper than they used to be (40 points for a 5man strike team) and their new photon grenades make them a great utility option aswell.

That's all for today!


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