Friday, August 23, 2013

Late summer post: 6th edition gets better!

Hello fellow wargamers,

Last year, when 6th ed was introduced, most people embraced it with joy, pointing out the spectacular new elements that were added to the game, bold changes that would allow for a broader spectrum of tactics, lists and strategies and so on. Everybody was loving the new edition and there was little to no whimpering, compared to previous editions or releases.

 During that time, my local community saw a bloom in the number of players, with many people getting introduced into the hobby, returning 40k veterans or people switching from Fantasy to 40k.  It seemed that 6th was going to be the best edition we have ever experienced.

Nonetheless, as time passed and players begun to attend tournaments, as more and more people started to dig into the rules and the metagame slowly took shape, it became blatantly obvious that there was no balance in the game. Necrons and IG were incredibly overpowered compared with the rest of the codices. In many cases, it was almost impossible to win with certain armies against those two monsters. And when people noticed that, they realised that there was something wrong with the game.

 Even after the release of the Daemon codex, there was still little competition for the aforementioned armies. Around that time, I saw many people quit the game, searching for alternatives… fact, it was a time when 40k was in a “ limbo” state.

 However….after all these months and after 5 6th ed. Codices, things have changed.  All these new releases shed some light on some of the more underplayed armies and gave them new toys which changed the meta completely.
 I believe that the game is reaching its peak, as more and more codices will get an upgrade and a new balance will be instilled. With the current rate at which codices are released, I am confident that soon every army will be able to perform equally well.  Even now things are much better, and we already see some more variety in the armies and lists fielded.

That’s all I had to say.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Stefanos Kapetanakis.

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