Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An interesting notice on USR

Hello everyone

 Recently, I acquired a copy of the small BRB of the Dark Vengeance set, which, combined with the boredom of the exam season, gave me a good excuse to read again the new rules, more carefully this time.

 My first notice is about the Universal Special rules.

 In the Independent Character section, it says that " When an independent character joins a unit it might have different special rules from that unit" and those rules can be conferred to that unit ( and vice-versa ) only when specified by the special rules entry.

 At first, I was not impressed by this fact. My impression was that, more or less, only Fearless, Preferred enemy and the likes could be transferred to (and from) characters who join units. However, upon closer inspection, I realized that things are a bit different.

 So, here is a list of the 21(!) rules that follow the aforementioned fashion:

1. Adamantuim Will
2. Acute Senses
3. And They Shall Know no Fear
4. Counter Attack
6. Fearless
7. Hit & Run
8. Infiltrate
9 Monster Hunter
10. Move through Cover
11.Night Vision
13. Scout
16. Skilled Rider
17. Slow and Purposeful
18. Split Fire
19. Stubborn
20. Tank Hunters
21. Zealot

  I think it is interesting how many rules share this flexibility. That's all for today, thank you for your time.

 Stefanos Kapetanakis, out.


  1. One thing to note, at least one of those (I'm looking at you, Counter-Attack!) don't *actually* share. The only models who get the bonus are the ones with said special rule. It's in the tiny paragraph waaaaay down at the bottom of the description.

    Just so you know. :D

  2. You are absolutely right, my friend! What a bad written paragraph that is!

    " In a UNIT that contains at least ONE model with this special rule, and that UNIT is charged"
    but then it says " every MODEL with the Counter-attack[...]"

    I dont understand why they even bothered mentioning all that "unit" stuff... in the end the rule is activated very much in a sumilar way Furious charge is.

    Thank you for pointing out this mistake of mine though! I will go again through the rules and see if I have missed any similar details.

    1. The reason they worded it like that (mind you, there are better ways to go about, but this *is* GW we're talking about here) is to allow the models with the counter-attack rule to be able to. Otherwise joining an IC with counter-attack to a squad without it would make it so nobody could, similarly to joining an IC without it to a squad that did.

      It's weird, but it works, so I'm not gonna complain.