Sunday, December 11, 2011

First post on Amethyst Xenos: Hive Fleet Daedalus photos Part 1

The first post on Amethust Xenos will be a presentation of my Tyranids army. I play tyranids for 6 years now , but I only started " Hive fleet Daedalus " since March 2011.  I was the captain of ETC: Team Greece 2011 and I would bring tyranids to the fight. So , I had to have a fully painted army. Managed to finish these guys in just 5 months. They also include lots of conversions and custom work. Without further delay , I proudly present to you some pictures of my beloved swarm:

C&C are welcome.


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    1. Prwto comment sto blog kai les pali anupostates malakies? Giati , wraia den se peripoiountai , agoraki?